Busy Bride(s)


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Wow, what a busy weekend at the boutique!  My feet are still a little sore from yesterday’s shift, I think…my biceps have probably toned up another bit…and brides seem to be happy!  It’s hard work, but so rewarding and enjoyable to be helping our beautiful brides find their dream dresses.  We did not stop from 10:00AM straight through until 6:00PM.  Just another regular January Saturday! 🙂

We have received a few new dresses recently as well; a unique lace gown from Wtoo, and a couple from Mori Lee (I can’t remember which exact styles they are right now, but will post them once I find out again).  All I remember is there is a touch of bling on one of them, which I always love.

The Ultimate Bridal Show is coming up soon, too!  On February 17, we will be set up at the Sheraton Hotel.  MakeThe Ultimate Bridal Show - Blackwood & Associates sure to check everything out, there will be such a wide array of wedding-related vendors to look into including favors, photographers, caterers, travel, and anything else that you can think of that is related to weddings!  Also, Ever After will be hosting their second bridal fashion show where we showcase many of the amazing brides that have found their gowns at the boutique!  Also, I am so excited to actually be taking part in the fashion show, too…I won’t be wearing my own wedding gown (since no one will be seeing that until August!)  but I will be showcasing an amazing ball gown that will be one heck of a showstopper.  I was initially supposed to be modelling this ball gown at the Heart and Stroke Foundation “The Heart Truth” event which I blogged about previously; however, due to unforeseen circumstances we are not able to attend now, much to our dismay.  I am very glad that we will be presenting it at our own fashion show at the Ultimate Bridal Show, it is going to be just fantastic! Please come one, come all!

I have been in the process of designing (actually, the designing is complete) and creating our wedding invitations earlier this past week, and they’ve been turning out just like I had hoped – we are very happy with them!  We looked at multiple online stores to check out customized invitations, and also stores around town, but we ended up decided to go with doing it ourselves, which is usually what I love doing anyway.  We purchased our materials and I went straight to work once all was picked up.  So glad we could find everything we needed.  I was going to say that it’s time consuming, but it’s actually not as bad as what one would think.  The only part that feels time consuming is the initial stages of assembling the invitations, because you just have to finalize the exact way that you want it with your materials.  Once you have that down, it’s all downhill from there…and it’s awesome.  🙂  We hope our guests will love them, too!

Now, it’s time for bed…all of this wedding stuff, sheesh…! 🙂

In bridal solidarity,
Heather ^.^


Snow Days


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We are currently experiencing a major snow storm here on the Avalon Peninsula, so Ever After closed at 3PM this afternoon.  I didn’t get to work due to the impending weather (it would have been terrible getting back, for sure) and it issnowmageddon supposed to be even worse tomorrow.  The forecast has the winds around 100-110km/hr, plus…wait for it…a possible 100cm of snow…WAT.  Hopefully I’ll be back at the store again on Saturday.  I’m sure the weather and surrounding areas will be quite messy, but the storm should be gone by then.

Since last week, Julie posted some new dress arrivals!  I can’t wait to see them.  The new Mori Lee bridesmaid line is in, including the lace dresses.  Looking forward to seeing all of those.

I wonder when the Big Red will arrive?  So, on February 7, at the St. John’s Convention Centre, a huge annual event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation will be taking place, called The Heart Truth.  (Read more about it HERE)  Businesses can buy corporate tables, other organizations, and any one else who’s interested can buy tickets to attend.  Ever After will be in attendance, of course (!), and the ladies have written me up to be the store’s model for the fashion show!  Beyond excited.  I’ll be wearing a scarlet red dress, that is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait for the photos from the event!  Local “big names” and other celebrities will be modelling as well, it’s really surreal to know that I’ll be there next to them!  🙂  It’ll be one good night, that’s for sure!  Also, mister fiancé, Kieran, is able to go along with me at our Ever After table, which I am very happy about!  It’s going to be a wonderful event, all for one great cause.

~ Heather

Jam-packed day!


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…otherwise known as Saturday at Ever After!  We were steady the whole day, from 10AM – 5PM.  Brides, bridesmaids, mother of the brides…it was go, go, go.  But, good, good, good!  We helped a few brides find their dream dresses throughout it all, so that was just lovely, as always.  Paloma Blanca and Mikaella being big hits, as always.  Definitely one of my favourite designers, that’s for sure.  Whenever we explain to people that their dresses are made in Toronto, they just love the fact that it’s local, on a country-wide scale at least.

We’ve had some awesome Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses arrive at the boutique over the past week as well – all very nice and good quality dresses.  They are well-received and, basically, gorgeous all around.

I wonder when “‘the big red” will arrive?!  Love the name that one of my besties (and beautiful bridesmaids), Gillian, added to that dress…a Mori Lee scarlett beaded alencon lace tulle Cinderella dress!  (that’s a whole lot of dress)…more on this amazing dress within the next day or so.  A long story short: I’ll be modelling it at the Delta in February for a Heart & Stroke foundation event!  More on that later…

~ Heather

The Dress Has Arrived!


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It’s HERE!!!  I am beyond excited after this fun day at work … Connie went to check the mail while Julie and I stayed back at the store to help out the brides and bridesmaids.  She returned with a massive box, which got me wondering.  But, I made sure I didn’t get my hopes up since it could be other stock or someone else’s dress, etc.  A bride came in to the store with her Mom to begin the search for her own wedding dress, so I got to helping her and it took some time to help her try on a couple of them (corset back!).  She ended up finding a couple favourites so we wrote those down and then they were off again.  I headed out back to have my lunch and check to see if there was anything interested on my phone.  I had a few notifications, nothing out of the ordinary.  Julie had tagged me in a photo on the Ever After Bridal Boutique Facebook page, so I clicked to check out what the discussion was today for all of our “like-ers”.  "Guess what we got for you, Heather :)" I waited for the photo to load and then the caption, “Guess what we got for you, Heather : )”, appeared beneath a massive box!  My jaw just dropped and Julie and Connie just started laughing, anxiously awaiting my enlightenment that it had arrived!  Then of course they made my look for it, ha!  What fun!  I wasn’t long finding it, Julie removed it from it’s packaging and got to work steaming it so I could put it on.  I even had my shoes out to the store already.  It was a wonderful day and a wicked Happy New Year present!

~ Heather


Well hello!

Here’s the start of something new and fun…a blog to write about my time as a bride, along with my time working at Ever After Bridal Boutique, my creative side in relation to DIY wedding “things”, and hopefully much more.  

If you’re a Newfoundlander, than you have probably already caught on to the title of the blog.  If not, here’s what it’s inspiration: there’s a very well-known Newfoundland and Labrador song called “I’se the B’y”…thus, “I’se the Bride”.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.