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“Do you have any color preferences?”, “I want white!”

This is often part of the conversation when our beautiful brides come to the store to begin their journey for their dream dress.  At the boutique, the majority of our samples are actually different shades/tones of off-whites or ivory, even champagne, oyster, and pewter! The deeper colors are becoming very popular for next year, and we can not forget blush. (Yes, that’s pink, folks!)

“This dress is white, though, isn’t it?”

Often, you won’t realize that a dress is off-white unless you have a white dress standing next to you. You will always be the bride in a white dress, regardless of the tone/shade. It all comes down to personal preference regarding the final decision of which color to choose.

To help describe the look (and even the feel) of white versus ivory, I shot these couple of dresses the other day when we were busy prepping our sample dresses to show off to the world. Take a look at the comparison:

White Versus Off White

If you are still unsure (which is completely okay!), the dress on the left is white. On the right, we have an off-white/ivory dress.

White dresses: Lit by a blue/cool hue; bold and pronounced, “traditional”, pristine.
Off-white / Ivory: Lit by a warm/candlelight hue; rich, elegant; vintage; works well for lace.

Material chat: When it comes to lace and you are in a debacle over white or ivory, personally, I feel that ivory, champagne, and deeper tones work best, as it seems to present lace dresses in an ornate and vintage manner, making the dress appear very regal and true. This is the only material/design that I normally speak about in regards to picking white or ivory, because typically if you have a specific dress in mind, such as lace, then you probably have specific ideas that you are going for. Again, it’s all up to YOU!

It seems like a lot of information, just for two colors that have such a close relationship, but that can also give you two totally different vibes. Don’t stress over choosing your color. Often times, brides consider skin tones, color themes in the wedding as a whole, bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen attire, flowers, etc. It truly doesn’t matter what your criteria is comprised of, just do whatever makes you happy. After all, isn’t that part of the goal? 🙂

Does anyone have any stories about wedding colors, especially regarding bridal gowns? Feel free to share! We love discussing different topics at the boutique, and it always helps to generate ideas or just a good learning experience.

In bridal solidarity,