I don’t often come home from work with an aching back, but after tonight’s session I did just that! Well, I might be exaggerating a bit…I actually enjoy steaming dresses (yeah, you have permission to think that’s weird, ha…) but from when it arrives all wrinkly and then steaming it into a smooth sea of material, well, it just looks perfect and ready for the runway.

We have had countless bridesmaid dresses arrive over the past week, and we love seeing the various colours that our brides have chosen for them. Sure, the sample dresses we have are just lovely, but just like a belt, it certainly changes the entire look of the dress when it is in a different color. I am really looking forward to when my bridesmaid dresses arrive, and I think by late May or early June, they should be in.

On Monday, Kieran, Daniel (one of Kieran’s brothers and our Best Man), and I headed to Moore’s to pick out a suit! Sure enough, Kieran mixed together some Guy Laroche and some Calvin Klein and we walked away with a handsome, handsome outfit. Now that I can see exactly what he’ll be wearing at the end of the aisle, it is coming together more and more in my head. Remember, “when everyone is looking at her, she’ll be looking at you…Moore’s) Ha!

The ladies had a wonderful trip to New York, even though it was a short one. You should see the amazing dresses they have ordered!! Show stoppers!!! It’s too bad they can’t bring them back with them when they attend the bridal markets…well, they would probably need a whole separate plane! But, the dresses are ordered nonetheless and will be gracing the boutique within a few months.

In bridal solidarity,
Heather xx