Well, there’s good reasons I haven’t blogged here in, what, forever!  Kieran and I were wed on Wednesday, August 7, 2013…and it was magical. Ramea treated us with the most amazing weather (there wasn’t even any WIND) and gorgeous sunshine. My house was cool, calm, and collected, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. My Mom and I went to the salon to get our hair done, and later one of my best friends, Meagan, arrived to apply my makeup (which was fabulousss). The girls arrived about an hour later and we all proceeded to get into our full attire. It all just went so smoothly and beautifully. Sandra (of Sandra-Lee Photography, the best photog in the world) joined us at the house and, even though I haven’t even seen a quarter of the photos, I know she did a wonderfully amazing job already. Sandra, you are an awesome individual and I loved that we selected you to capture our day, just as much as I loved my dress. (Boy, that’s a lot.)

Our ceremony started at 4:30PM and it was all exactly on time. The moment when Uncle Malcolm opened the doors and the music was playing, well, the words escape me. I don’t know which words to choose to describe how amazing it was. I can just recall the sun beaming through the windows, gasps and ‘awe’ coming from the guests, so many friends and family members, smiles everywhere and it felt like the whole world was sparkling. I will never, ever forget the ceremony. I saw Kieran waiting for me and his expression was something I’ll never forget as well, surrounded by our closest family and friends, his eyes were pretty glassy and you could just *feel* the happiness.

Kieran and I are happily married, and we are so glad we chose to marry in my hometown of Ramea, NL. It was an experience that multiple people enjoyed for the first time and that meant a lot to me, that so many of our friends and family decided to fly/drive/take the boat to our tiny, but great, island.

Thanks to all of the visitors to my “I’se the Bride” blog. My wedding journey is now complete and for that I am grateful! However, I’m in the process of setting up a new blog. Once it’s up and on the go, I’ll provide a link here so you can re-direct to it and start following my blog that will revolve around my ever-eventful life and things that interest me, my projects, and the journey’s that Kieran and I take on. Much love!!

~ H xoxo


17 Days & Counting!

Well, it’s been a while! I guess I can thank the wedding planning for that! 😉 How’s everyone’s summer going? The weather has been awesome, and I’ve been enjoying my days leading up to the big one. It’s easy to let to-do lists overwhelm you, but there’s basically no need; things will get done and everything will work out like they’re supposed to. Such is life! There’s always something to do, like getting more tulle, finding pretty lights, choosing gifts, figuring out hair styles…and just making trips to Michael’s, “just in case find something I like”. Well, you need to make sure you don’t miss out on anything! ^.^

Kieran and I have pretty well everything to decorate the community centre now, all we need to do now is get everyone together the day before to put it all together. It will be a lot of hard work, but we have such a great group of friends and family to help us put our vision in place. Whatever isn’t “in place” doesn’t even matter…we are going home to get married, and once we exchange vows and rings, we’ve already accomplished what we set out to do. The rest is just a bonus and for fun…let the good times roll! 🙂

My dress is all ready to roll for when the day arrives, the alterations were complete a couple of weeks ago and I am BEYOND excited and even more in love with it than before…how is that even possible, haha…

~H xox


White Versus Off White, Ivory, Champagne…& the list goes on!


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“Do you have any color preferences?”, “I want white!”

This is often part of the conversation when our beautiful brides come to the store to begin their journey for their dream dress.  At the boutique, the majority of our samples are actually different shades/tones of off-whites or ivory, even champagne, oyster, and pewter! The deeper colors are becoming very popular for next year, and we can not forget blush. (Yes, that’s pink, folks!)

“This dress is white, though, isn’t it?”

Often, you won’t realize that a dress is off-white unless you have a white dress standing next to you. You will always be the bride in a white dress, regardless of the tone/shade. It all comes down to personal preference regarding the final decision of which color to choose.

To help describe the look (and even the feel) of white versus ivory, I shot these couple of dresses the other day when we were busy prepping our sample dresses to show off to the world. Take a look at the comparison:

White Versus Off White

If you are still unsure (which is completely okay!), the dress on the left is white. On the right, we have an off-white/ivory dress.

White dresses: Lit by a blue/cool hue; bold and pronounced, “traditional”, pristine.
Off-white / Ivory: Lit by a warm/candlelight hue; rich, elegant; vintage; works well for lace.

Material chat: When it comes to lace and you are in a debacle over white or ivory, personally, I feel that ivory, champagne, and deeper tones work best, as it seems to present lace dresses in an ornate and vintage manner, making the dress appear very regal and true. This is the only material/design that I normally speak about in regards to picking white or ivory, because typically if you have a specific dress in mind, such as lace, then you probably have specific ideas that you are going for. Again, it’s all up to YOU!

It seems like a lot of information, just for two colors that have such a close relationship, but that can also give you two totally different vibes. Don’t stress over choosing your color. Often times, brides consider skin tones, color themes in the wedding as a whole, bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen attire, flowers, etc. It truly doesn’t matter what your criteria is comprised of, just do whatever makes you happy. After all, isn’t that part of the goal? 🙂

Does anyone have any stories about wedding colors, especially regarding bridal gowns? Feel free to share! We love discussing different topics at the boutique, and it always helps to generate ideas or just a good learning experience.

In bridal solidarity,


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How is everyone’s Saturday going? We had another great day at the store, we had more bridesmaids picking up their lovely dresses, saw some pretty shoes to match, and helped other brides find their dream dresses. We finished steaming one of the last lots of bridesmaid dresses that we had arrive within the last few days, so we are finally caught up! (For now…!)

We have some GORGEOUS new bridal samples from Watters and Wtoo! We have a couple of them placed in our window to display to the world just how lovely they are – they just scream couture. Take a look:

Muna gown # 3032B

Muna gown # 3032B

Jordana gown #3071B

Jordana gown #3071B

With a matching veil or hair comb, unique jewellery, and a stunning hair do, any bride will look like they’ve just flowed from the runway or right out of a magazine.

Tomorrow is appointment day, and we are looking forward to another day of beautiful brides and their awesome choices!

In bridal solidarity,
Heather xx

Lots & Lots of Steaming!

I don’t often come home from work with an aching back, but after tonight’s session I did just that! Well, I might be exaggerating a bit…I actually enjoy steaming dresses (yeah, you have permission to think that’s weird, ha…) but from when it arrives all wrinkly and then steaming it into a smooth sea of material, well, it just looks perfect and ready for the runway.

We have had countless bridesmaid dresses arrive over the past week, and we love seeing the various colours that our brides have chosen for them. Sure, the sample dresses we have are just lovely, but just like a belt, it certainly changes the entire look of the dress when it is in a different color. I am really looking forward to when my bridesmaid dresses arrive, and I think by late May or early June, they should be in.

On Monday, Kieran, Daniel (one of Kieran’s brothers and our Best Man), and I headed to Moore’s to pick out a suit! Sure enough, Kieran mixed together some Guy Laroche and some Calvin Klein and we walked away with a handsome, handsome outfit. Now that I can see exactly what he’ll be wearing at the end of the aisle, it is coming together more and more in my head. Remember, “when everyone is looking at her, she’ll be looking at you…Moore’s) Ha!

The ladies had a wonderful trip to New York, even though it was a short one. You should see the amazing dresses they have ordered!! Show stoppers!!! It’s too bad they can’t bring them back with them when they attend the bridal markets…well, they would probably need a whole separate plane! But, the dresses are ordered nonetheless and will be gracing the boutique within a few months.

In bridal solidarity,
Heather xx

Bridal Market

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last blogged, but life got quite busy there within the last couple of months!  Kieran and I have moved into our own little apartment and we have been in the process of settling in while still working and planning our summer wedding. Most of our days have been jammed packed with many errands, work, gym, a little bit of relaxation, and outfitting our place. (I’ve probably missed a few things…) We are very happy with our apartment, it’s very cozy and we live in Paradise now! (Literally..ha!)

We have had multiple new dresses arrive at the store over the last few weeks.  We have had some beautiful gowns from Callista by Alfred Sung and they have been well received by all of our brides. There are many variations, too, so they appeal to different tastes, which is very important, of course.

Essence of Australia, Stella York, and Martina Liana continue to pump our gorgeous designs, and of course Paloma Blanca and Mikaella.  I have to say, I would not be able to say which one I don’t like out of them all…you’ll have to come and see for yourself because each one is beautiful in its own way. 

On Friday, April 19, the ladies will be travelling to New York for the bridal market!  How exciting!  I would LOVE to be going with them. Maybe some day! I am sure they will have a blast. They will be checking out the latest designer gowns, accessories, and everything else that will be in attendance. All I require is for them to think of me while I’m back on the Rock! ^.^ 

Less than 4 months until the big wedding for Kieran and I!!!!!!! We almost have all of our invitations sent out, I have to go to Michael’s tomorrow to pick up some more supplies to put together a few more. I had quite a few made, but not enough altogether. They seem to be well-received so far, which I am glad of, since I made them from scratch. We have had a few responses come back, and so far, only one invitation has declined…wow! I think there’ll be a good crowd in attendance! 

We tended to our favours last week and have that process in motion, so that’s another big check mark on the list. The next item now will be the attire for the guys. We made a quick visit through one of the stores today and saw a  couple outfits we loved, so I don’t think it will be difficult to make a decision.

How are all of the other beautiful Newfoundland brides doing??  I help you lovely ladies with your dresses and accessories, so I know I’m not the only summer bride!!! Fill me in with how the planning and bridal journey is going! Would love to hear from you all. 🙂 

In bridal solidarity,

Ultimate Bridal Show – Sunday, February 17


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Ultimate Bridal ShowSee everyone there!  I will be with the ladies of Ever After at their booth, and I’ll also be taking part in the bridal fashion show!  It will be loads of fun I’m sure, and make sure you pre-register…you could win some awesome prizes!  Last season I won a limousine service, so don’t pass up the opportunity to fill out your little bit of info!  🙂

In bridal solidarity,

PS: More comprehensive blog post coming soon..I’ve been super busy!  

Bridal show, New gowns, & Contest Optimism


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Hi all!

Here is a post from our Ever After Facebook page earlier this morning:

Calling all Ever After Brides!!! Would you like a chance to wear your wedding dress again?? The Ultimate Bridal Show is coming up and we are once again putting on a fashion show showcasing…YOU! Send a msg if you’d like to participate…February 17th at the Sheraton Hotel. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate everyone….we want a representation of different silhouettes and bridal style. Can’t wait!!!

So, to all previous Ever After beautiful brides, come get your model on!  Give the ladies a shout and they’ll see what they can do.  Looking forward to it!  I won’t be wearing my wedding gown, since the big day isn’t until August 7th (I’ll probably wear it in the fall bridal shows), but maybe a different one, who knows!  Come and join in on the fun.

We have had some gorgeous new arrivals at the store from Mori Lee, take a look! They’re absolutely stunning:

I am pretty sure my fave is #3140, it is so flattering and the material is gorgeous, with a touch of lace and beading, it truly adds a glamorous touch to any bride who wears it.

In my own bridal news, I’ve been advancing well with our invitations, they are coming along nicely and finally getting up there in numbers. Just a couple more additions to go along with the whole invitation suite, which won’t take quite as long, and it’ll all be taken care of. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to purchase nice envelopes? I will be taking a look through Michael’s again, although they did not have much in stock the last time I was there.

So, most people who know me well, know that I am an avid contest participant…every day; whenver I see any form of contest I just go for it.  I’ve always been an optimist, so I guess I just see a contest and like the idea of knowing that there’s a slight possibility that I could win something awesome.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I received news that I had won Sears’ major contest, for their “Celebrate 60” anniversary.  I am still speechless, I received the news in an email, and K and I read it over and over until I just couldn’t take it any more and I called the main office to find out whether it was legit or if it was spam.  Turns out, it was legit, big time.  Anyway, I’ve already received my prize in the mail, and I am beyondddd excited.  Let’s just say that, for a soon-to-be newly married couple, we’ve been graced with an amazing wedding gift!!!  Anyway, the moral of this is, never pass up an opportunity to enter a contest.  You just never know, and you have nothing to lose.  🙂

In bridal solidarity,
HD ❤

PS: More blog/site updates coming again soon. 

‘We Do’


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Good day, all!

Future brides, check out this new magazine launching at The Ultimate Bridal Show (Feb. 17th): We Do Magazine.

We Do Magazine

“Newfoundland’s Online Wedding Magazine. One of a kind.
We Do is the best resource a bride will ever need.
Eco Friendly – Completely GREEN magazine!”

Their email is as follows:

Check them out on Facebook and make sure to “like” them.  I am looking forward to seeing this new mag, should be fun!

~ Heather